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Special issue/volume contributions

  • Semeijn, M., Zalta, E. N. (2021) ‘Revisiting the ‘wrong kind of object’ problem’ (preprint) in Names and Fictions, special issue of Organon F 28(1), Stalmaszczyk, P. (ed.), pp. 168-197
  • Maier, E., Semeijn, M. (forthcoming) Extracting fictional truth from unreliable sources (draft) in The Language of Fiction, Maier, E. and Stokke, A. (eds.), Oxford University Press
  • Semeijn, M. (2019) ‘The Challenge of Metafictional Anaphora (preprint) in At the Intersection of Language, Logic, and Information, pp. 124-143, DOI 978-3-662-59620-3_8, Springer

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